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Are you frustrated by your business “pain points”? Not enough time to tackle your Operations issues?
Could use some expertise to augment your team?

For the transformation needed to achieve sustainable top line growth and bottom line performance,
engage Dwighd Delgado, and SOS® Master Operations Troubleshooter!

For a limited time, Smart Operations Strategies® (SOS®) is offering you and your business a one-time on-site complimentary assessment at no charge that can help us understand the nature and complexity of the “pain points” you wish to address.

Our Value Proposition

For engineering, manufacturing and business leaders who want to grow revenue and drive down costs, SOS® identifies and weeds out the root causes of problems – not just the symptoms.  We work together with your teams to implement long-term solutions to your unique challenges, create delighted customers, and help you beat your competitors.

Your Move®

To engage SOS® for this complimentary assessment, contact us via e-mail and/or via mobile at (443) 280-1714 [USA], and we will be delighted to respond within 24 hours.  During this on-site assessment, both the symptoms and the root causes of your “pain points” will be explored together.

Our conversations will include how these may be affecting not only the top line growth and the bottom line performance of your business, but also how internal and external processes from your supply chain (through your operations) to your customer service could potentially be impacting current customer satisfaction and future sustainable growth.

As a result of our conversations, preliminary solution paths and priority action plans may also be discussed, which may lead to some recommendations that SOS® will provide in a follow up proposal after the conclusion of our assessment, which may include project-based deliverables, interim management, and/or leadership coaching solutions.

This complimentary assessment is provided to you at no charge, and is expected to be concluded on-site at your place of business within a one-time four (4) hour visit.  Should the complimentary assessment require extended travel time and/or an overnight stay, these incurred travel and living expenses shall be pre-approved and pre-paid in advance.

  • Project-Based Deliverables: In need of someone to tackle a specific opportunity or challenge?
  • Interim Management: In need of someone to temporarily fill a key position?
  • Leadership Coaching: In need of support to reach a specific professional goal?
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