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Best Practices

Right People

You can’t change the world when you are constantly putting out fires

Many manufacturing CEOs and leadership teams spend a big portion of their days addressing operational challenges. When reacting to the symptoms of strained operations, you may be experiencing:

  • Stalled or declining revenue
  • Project or Supply Chain management challenges
  • Lack of communication within the company
  • A need for transformation
  • Not having a clear path to grow

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We help manufacturing businesses create a brighter future by developing and implementing a sustainable operations solution for the long term.

Our Solutions Include

Project Based Deliverables

From top line growth to bottom line performance, we implement proven solutions that align with your goals and objectives.

Interim Management

Our interim management solutions can help you enable cultural transformations, execute strategic initiatives, and facilitate leadership transitions seamlessly.

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching solutions help you set SMART goals that will keep your team on track to reach professional and organizational development objectives.

Meet Dwighd Delgado, your Master Operations Troubleshooter

Dwighd responds to customers who are hungry for transformation. His playbook includes implementing a systems approach to solve problems – strategy, best practices, and the right people. This methodology was honed in his early career with General Electric where he turned around a $10M key technology transfer project, and later with business turnarounds in various companies. Dwighd has leveraged operational excellence to achieve sustainable growth, from top line to bottom line performance, from the supply chain to the customer, for many significant domestic and international successes.

Here’s How It Works

Schedule an Assessment

During an assessment, we dig deep to uncover the root causes of your business challenges and identify the solution paths to help get your business back on track.

Mutually Develop Plan

Whether you need a project-based deliverable, interim management, or leadership coaching to align the right people with your corporate strategy, we will work alongside your team to develop and implement a custom-tailored plan.

Create a Brighter Future

Take your business to new heights so that you can continue to do good and bring sustainable hope to the world.

Successful Manufacturing Businesses Rely on Operational Excellence

We help manufacturing businesses do global good by enabling them to implement sustainable operations solutions for the long term. With strategy, best practices and the right people your company can consistently provide on-time delivery, higher quality, and lower cost while creating a culture that is forward-thinking and makes the world a better place.

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